Oral lichenoid contact reaction to amalgam occurring as a leukoplakia-like lesion: a case report

Silvio Hirota, Norberto Sugaya, Dante Migliari


This article reports a case of oral lichenoid contact reaction (OLCR) in which a bilateral lesion involving the buccal mucosa was observed. Its relevance lies on that the lesions could be misdiagnosed as an oral leukoplakia, since they showed a typical feature of a homogeneous white plaque; however, fortunately, this misjudgement was spared because one of the lesions, on the right-buccal side, was in direct contact with an amalgam filling. Hence, the suspicion of mucosal contact reaction was made and the patient successfully treated by amalgam replacement. Comments on diagnosing of OLCR is also included is this report.


Oral mucosal contact reaction, Hypersensitivity reaction, Oral lichenoid lesion, Diagnosis, Amalgam filling

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