A study on incidence of oral lesions in lichen planus

Divya G., Jayakar Thomas


Background: This study was done to evaluate the incidence of oral lesions in different types of lichen planus.

Methods: A total of 30 patients clinically diagnosed with any form of lichen planus were subjected to a clinical examination and evaluated for the presence of oral lesions.

Results: Of the 30 patients in this study with predominantly females, oral involvement was seen in 17 patients with a slight male preponderance. Lichen planus was seen commonly between the ages of 20 and 40 with the incidence of oral lesions following the same trend.

Conclusions: This study has statistically proven the significance of oral involvement in cutaneous lichen planus and was done to highlight the importance of the same. Oral lichen planus can be a forerunner of genital involvement as well as malignancies and it is important to keep this in mind while examining a case of lichen planus.



Lichen planus, Oral lesions, Classical lichen planus

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