A study on the dermatological manifestations in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a tertiary care hospital in a rural setting

M. Sandeepthi, B. Narayan Reddy, G. K. Prasad


Background: Diabetes mellitus is very common metabolic disorder seen in our developing world. Skin is affected by both acute metabolic derangements and the chronic degenerative complications of diabetes. It is suggested that these skin changes may eventually be used as a reflection of the patient’s current as well as the past metabolic status.

Methods: 200 diabetic patients were examined and their various cutaneous manifestations were analysed with parameters like age, sex, type of infection, HbA1c etc.

Results: A total of 200 diabetic patients with cutaneous manifestations were enrolled in our study. Majority were in 6th decade (34.5%) and 7th decade (30%) respectively. Males constituted 66% of the cases with a male to female ratio was 1.89:1 Among the cutaneous infections, out of the 132 cases with cutaneous infections, fungal infections (46%) were most frequent, followed by bacterial infections (16.5%) and viral infections (3.5%).

Conclusions: This study showed demographic, social factors & prevalence of dermatological manifestations in type 2 DM patients. It is suggested that the various skin changes may eventually be used as a reflection of the patient’s current as well as the past metabolic status.


Diabetes mellitus, Cutaneous manifestations, Infections, RBS levels, HbA1c

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