Published: 2019-04-26

Nail: a window to systemic disease

Anusha Gogula, M. Pooja, P. Karunakar, Chinmai Yerram


Plummer-Vinson syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterized by the triad of iron deficiency anemia, esophageal webs and dysphagia. The condition may manifest with the features like chelitis, glossitis, atropy of papilla over tongue, koilonychia indicating the underlying iron deficiency anemia and vitamin deficiency. We report a case of Plummer-Vinson syndrome presenting with koilonychia and chelitis. Clinical, laboratory and endoscopic evaluation of the patient revealed diagnosis of Plummer-Vinson syndrome. Patient was advised iron supplementation which significantly improved patient’s hemoglobin levels and with that the associated symptoms.


Plummer-Vinson syndrome, Esophageal webs, Dysphagia, Koilonychia

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