Published: 2022-10-27

Management of formocresol burn-case report

Vrushali Raju Nandkule, Pratiksha Harishchandra More, Shailee Shelke, Rutuja Raju Nandkule, Yogita Uttam Landge


Formocresol is widely used in pediatric endodontics as a pulpotomy medicament. Formocresol helps to fix soft tissues in oral cavity such as pulp. Care should be taken while using formocresol proper isolation techniques should be used during its application as an endodontic material, because of its hazardous effects on soft tissue. This article elaborates the case of chemical burns due to improper handling of formocresol during dental treatment. It demonstrates the underlying effect such as moderate pain burning sensation and patchy dark discoloration of skin and its resolution.


Facial burn, Formocresol, Pulpotomy

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